Churchdown Book Fair – the current situation

As you know, the Churchdown Community Centre is still currently being used as a Covid Vaccination Centre which means that there will be no Churchdown Book Fair in August. The manager has indicated that it may be possible to hold the fair in September but this won’t be decided for a week or so yet, so we will just have to keep our fingers crossed. Of course we will let you all know as soon as we have any more positive news on this front.

We have been asked about using another venue for the fair while the Community Centre is closed for events. This is something we looked into around the time that the lockdown ended. We did explore other possibilities including a kind offer from a nearby club. Unfortunately we didn’t find anything suitable. The Community Centre is perfect for the fair because of it’s size, location, ease of access for both the dealers and the visitors and also their great facilities. We are looking forward to eventually re-starting the fair there and hope it won’t be long.

Thank-you all for your patience.

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