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The September Churchdown Book Fair was Rosemary Foort’s last fair as she has decided to retire from the book fair side of the business. She runs J & R K Foort Books with her husband John. John will continue to stand at Churchdown, and Rosemary will concentrate her efforts on the internet side of their business.

John and Rosemary Foort

We will all miss seeing Rosemary at the fair, and wish her well for the future. We hope she will return as a visitor soon, hopefully accompanied by her dachshund!

John and Rosemary had a stall at the very first Churchdown Book Fair and have exhibited here regularly ever since. They are one of the few book dealers who have been there right from the beginning, another being Sue and Roger Davis of Lavender Fields Books.

There was quite a discussion at the fair on Sunday as to exactly when the Book Fair Churchdown Feb 1991started. We’ve checked through back issues of the Book and Magazine Collector magazine and the earliest advert we can find is February 1991.

Can anyone supply any information about when the fair first started as we are sure it was earlier than this.

We would love to hear from you about your memories of the fair over the years.

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  1. Our first ever book fair was at Churchdown in June 1991. Ken Fergusson was running the fair then, and we stood at his fair at Puckrup Hall in Tewkesbury. Previously we had been selling through catalogues – mainly collectable paperbacks. We still have a stall at Churchdown Book Fair every month and love to catch up with all the news and see regular customers.

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